James Smith's 'life-changing' Not a Diet goes to HarperCollins

James Smith's 'life-changing' Not a Diet goes to HarperCollins

HarperCollins has signed "self-confessed disruptor of the billion-dollar diet industry" James Smith's debut.

HarperNonFiction publishing strategy director Oli Malcolm and editorial director Lydia Good negotiated the deal for world English language rights with Luke Betts at James Smith Live. Not a Diet Book will publish in early spring 2020 in hardback and audiobook.

Smiths’ “no-nonsense approach to the diet and fitness industry has won him hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide,” HarperCollins said. “James has come across every dieting myth and fitness fad going, the misinformed, the counterproductive and the outright harmful. James’ mission is simple – to put an end to the conflicting advice once and for all, to show readers how to make long-lasting, sustainable change.”

HarperCollins described the author as the “world’s fastest-growing online personal trainer” and is founder of the James Smith Academy and host of the “The James Smith Podcast”. He is also billed by the publisher as a "self-confessed disruptor of the billion-dollar diet industry".

Not a Diet Book is promised as “much more than a quick fix guide to losing weight,” HarperCollins said. “It’ll transform attitudes, fix bad habits, debunk myths, show how to reclaim control and confidence, and readers will learn how to eat, train and stay in shape for good.”

Smith said: “I'm incredibly excited to be partnering with HarperCollins on what will be a life-changing book like no other. If you're looking for a couple of salad recipes and a one-size-fits-all workout routine; this is not the book for you, look elsewhere. There is a more confident, happier and audacious version of you that I want to unveil.”

Good said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be publishing James Smith’s first book, which will cut through the noise of our confused diet culture and deliver genuine long-lasting results and tools for life. The fitness industry needs disrupting; diet myths need to be busted; and new rules must be written. The health and diet genre is crying out for positive change, and with his no-nonsense attitude and proven method, James is leading the charge on this much-needed change of tide. It’s very exciting.”