Germany expansion for HarperCollins

Germany expansion for HarperCollins

HarperCollins is creating HarperCollins Germany, expanding on the existing Harlequin business based in Hamburg.

The move follows HC’s acquisition of Harlequin from Canadian corporation Torstar, completed in August this year. HarperCollins Germany will now become the parent company of the German Harlequin office, as well as launching a list of around 50 HarperCollins branded books in autumn 2015.

More foreign language publishing programmes are planned for Japan, Sweden, Holland and Spain.

Brian Murray, president and c.e.o. of HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide, told The Bookseller: “This was one of the top reasons we were interested in Harlequin—the fact that with one transaction, we could enter 15 foreign language markets.

“When you look at moving into these markets, it’s very difficult—do you grow organically and start from scratch, or make an acquisition and build from there?” he added.

“With Harlequin, we’re immediately able to start on a bigger level.”

Murray said HarperCollins Germany will add new staff members in the coming year, while continuing to grow Harlequin separately. “It’s about growth, and making the most of the expertise we now have in all these territories,” Murray said.

He added that he was optimistic about the international publishing scene. “I think things are very good for publishers right now. The trends of globalisation and digitisation in our economies and media are all positive things for publishers and authors,” Murray said.

“The reach an author can have online is larger than ever and we want to be able to sell our authors’ books wherever they have readers,” he added.