HarperCollins' Dowson-Collins named on UPstanding Power List

HarperCollins' Dowson-Collins named on UPstanding Power List

HarperCollins’ general counsel Simon Dowson-Collins has been named on the inaugural UPstanding Executive Power List, the first ranking of its kind to unite business leaders from across all BAME communities internationally.

Dowson-Collins is the only person from a publishing company on the list, which also feature executives from companies such as Facebook, Google, Mastercard, Unilver and Airbnb.

The inaugural UPstanding list, created in partnership with the FT, is the first ranking of it’s kind to shine a light on black, Asian, minority ethnic (BAME) business leaders who have made an impact and achieved great success and to champion those with a passion for driving the BAME agenda forward. It is produced to encourage and inspire the BAME leaders of tomorrow.

Suki Sandhu and Sophia Cannon, founders of the Upstanding Executive Power List, said: “The BAME business community faces a large problem within itself; it’s fractured. No minority ethnic groups are currently working together to achieve broader diversity and these lists will be the fist time we will see this community unite. It is extremely important to bring the isolated segments together as a collective voice, to celebrate BAME individuals who have achieved great personal success in the business world and to champion those who possess a passion for driving the BAME agenda forwards.”

The founders said that just 3% of c.e.o’s in FTSE 100 are not white, despite the BAME community making up 14% of the UK population meaning that ethnic diversity in British board rooms lags almost two decades behind female representation at the top level.

“These statistics are shocking and quite frankly –unacceptable. That’s why profiling those individuals that are succeeding, in spite of this bias, as often as possible is so important,” they said.

Others on the list include Muhtar Kent, chairman and c.e.o of the Coca-Cola Company in first place, Manjit Wolstemholme, chairman of Provident Financial plc in second place and Albert Cheng, c.e.o of Amazon Studios.