HarperCollins Children's reveals eighth Baddiel novel

HarperCollins Children's reveals eighth Baddiel novel

HarperCollins Children’s Books has unveiled the eighth novel from author, comedian and screenwriter David Baddiel. 

(The Boy Who Got) Accidentally Famous will publish on 28th October in hardback, with simultaneous e-book and audio voiced by Baddiel, and is part of a previous deal securing the author until 2023.

Baddiel takes the reader back to the Bracket Wood school playground of Head Kid and Person Controller in his new story of fame and friendship. The synopsis explains: "Nothing extraordinary has ever happened to Billy Smith. In fact, every single thing about him is ordinary, including his name. But when a documentary crew turns up at Billy’s school to film the new TV series School Daze, everything changes. Billy shouldn’t stand out: all the other kids are much more interesting than him. But when remixes of his boring class presentation go viral, Billy finds himself accidentally an overnight star.

"With his friends Bo and Rinor by his side, his life suddenly turns into a whirlwind of red carpets, TV shows, albums and even the possibility of meeting Sunshine De Marto—the coolest girl on the planet. But as everyone knows, fame comes with a price. Filled with the laugh-out-loud humour and out-of-this-world action that are at the heart of all of David Baddiel’s children’s books, (The Boy Who Got) Accidentally Famous is an epically entertaining tale, brought to life with illustrations by the brilliant Steven Lenton, who illustrated previous bestsellers The Taylor Turbochaser and Future Friend."

Baddiel said: "(The Boy Who Got) Accidentally Famous is a bit different from my usual children’s stories, where often something magical or fantastic happens to a young person. Something magical and fantastic does happen to Billy Smith, but it doesn’t involve magic or fantasy. It could really happen to any child now, given how we live now: and I know that lots of kids do fantasise about fame happening to them. I hope the story I’ve told shows how it can be really fun and amazing, whilst also showing that it has its dangers, and that life is about many things apart from being famous. And mainly, of course, I hope it will make children laugh."

Executive publisher Ann-Janine Murtagh said: "David Baddiel is a cultural icon who has brought his incredible literary talent to children’s books with a unique voice and incredible imagination that have made his books big hits across the globe. His ever-growing backlist reaches a broader audience year on year, delighting children and adults alike, with fans ranging from the football pitch to the playground. Baddiel is a master of the family movie in book form and (The Boy Who Got) Accidentally Famous is no exception. Full of glorious humour and wonderfully memorable characters, it takes his readers on a madcap yet inspiring and emotionally resonant journey that explores the reality of fame and reminds us all of the importance of just being ourselves. I can’t wait to publish David’s new children’s book this autumn and we are all set to make it his biggest success yet."