HarperCollins Children's Books strikes four-book deal with Clara Vulliamy

HarperCollins Children's Books strikes four-book deal with Clara Vulliamy

HarperCollins Children’s Books will publish a major new series by author and illustrator Clara Vulliamy. 

Publishing director Harriet Wilson secured world rights in four books from Hilary Delamere at the Agency.

Illustrated throughout in black and white and ideal for readers aged five to eight, the series follows the reluctant rise to stardom of a big, fluffy cat with an even bigger personality. Book one, Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar will publish in May 2020 (paperback £6.99) with a further three titles to follow between August 2020 and August 2021. 

"Marshmallow Marmaduke Vanilla-Bean Sugar-Pie Fluffington-Fitz-Noodle is a cat who loves the easy life – lazing in the sunshine, eating Shrimp Crunchies and annoying Buster, the dog downstairs. But his owner Amelia has grand plans to turn him into a star with hilarious results," reads the synopsis. 

Wilson said: "Clara read the first chapter aloud to me over lunch and I fell instantly in love with Marshmallow Pie. He follows in the grand tradition of famously grumpy felines, from Bagheera, to Bagpuss to Garfield. Little readers will delight in his outrageous antics."

Vulliamy was born in London and studied at Chelsea School of Art, The Ruskin and the Royal Academy. She is the daughter of the celebrated author and illustrator Shirley Hughes. She has written and illustrated many stories, including the Dotty Detective series. 

Discussing the new series, Vulliamy added: “It has been so much fun writing in the voice of Marshmallow Pie, with his huge ego and irrepressible sense of self-importance. I can’t wait to introduce him to young readers: he might not budge up on the sofa for them but will expect to be adored.”