HarperCollins bags Rattan's guide to skincare of colour

HarperCollins bags Rattan's guide to skincare of colour

HarperCollins has acquired Skin Revolution: The Ultimate Guide to Beautiful and Healthy Skin of Colour by Dr Vanita Rattan. 

The publisher acquired world all language rights to the book from Jane Graham Maw at Graham Maw Christie Agency. Thorsons will publish Skin Revolution on 17th March 2022 and it will be overseen by publishing director Katya Shipster.

Rattan is a cosmetic formulator and pioneer in the treatment of hyperpigmentation-linked skin conditions in people of Asian and African origin. The book is the result of over a decade of research, and features practical tips and tricks for both skincare aficionados and complete beginners, whether using high end or budget products. 

The synopsis explains: "Rattan's unique expertise in skin of colour has earned her an online audience of millions worldwide and Skin Revolution is her much-anticipated guide to taking care of melanin-rich skin. In a world where skin of colour is the global majority, but Caucasian skin dominates clinical trials and product ranges, Dr Vanita sets out to empower readers with all the information they need to keep their skin happy and healthy by sharing her science-based wisdom on the beauty and specificity of skin of colour."

"Dr Vanita will teach readers how to begin or refine their skincare routine; decipher the ingredients within products; see through the marketing hype on packaging and understand their basic skin chemistry. Skin Revolution also addresses common skin concerns, such as dark circles and hyperpigmentation, which affects 40-50% of skin of colour, so that readers will gain a confident understanding of how to look after their unique and beautiful skin."

Rattan said of her debut: “I wanted to create this book to educate and empower those with skin of colour, so they can see through marketing traps, not waste their hard-earned money or ruin their melanin-rich skin. This is a reference book for all ages, to understand exactly what your skin really needs. HarperCollins advocated for us with the ultimate detailed illustrated edition. This book will revolutionise the health of skin of colour, and I’m so excited to see the confidence bloom in our global community!”