Thorsons bags Black's fitness 'bible'

Thorsons bags Black's fitness 'bible'

HarperCollins imprint Thorsons has bagged a workout “bible” from personal trainer and fitness influencer Courtney Black.

Editorial director Helen Rochester negotiated the deal for world all language rights with Luke Betts at Just Develop It. Thorsons will publish The Pocket PT on 31st December 2020, including English-language editions in ANZ, South Africa and Europe.

Black has more than 670,000 followers on Instagram, and has been hailed as the “queen of home workouts” after her live PT sessions during lockdown attracted more than 30,000 people to each workout. 

The synopsis explains: “Her first book The Pocket PT will guide readers through the ultimate 28-day plan, showing them how to achieve their fitness goals in just four weeks while developing a positive attitude towards food and body confidence along the way. As a personal trainer, Courtney is passionate about helping others to embrace a healthy lifestyle after spending her teens battling with eating disorders—she understands what it is like to have an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise and wants to show readers how she went from self-punishment to body confidence, and how they can do it too.”

Black said: “I am so excited to publish my first book The Pocket PT and to be partnering with HarperCollins on my proudest achievement to date! After my success with home workouts during lockdown, I can’t wait to help so many more people fall in love with fitness with me as their trainer. Having a positive mindset and enjoying exercise is key and I hope this book shows the reader that working out should be fun and not a punishment!”

Rochester added: “I am thrilled to be publishing a book from one of Instagram's most influential fitness stars. Courtney Black has championed the home workout and taken it to the next level. This book will be the bible for anyone who discovered the joy of exercising at home during lockdown.”