Harper US inks Wall Street Journal deal

<p>Journalists from the <em>Wall Street Journal</em> will write books for HarperCollins US across a variety of subjects after the companies signed a three year partnership deal. Both HarperCollins and Dow Jones, which publishes the <em>Wall Street Journal</em>, are owned by News Corp. The program will be overseen by Steve Ross, group president of the Collins Group, and Alan Murray, deputy managing editor at the <em>Wall Street Journal</em>.</p><p>The titles will only be published in the US as part of the agreement. The first book, <em>The Wall Street Journal Guide to the End of Wall Street As We Know It: What You Need to Know About the Greatest Financial Crisis of Our Time &ndash; And How to Survive It</em> by Dave Kansas, will be published by Collins Business in January 2009. Collins Business will also publish <em>The Wall Street Journal Guide to Management</em> in early 2010.</p><p>The deal will not just concentrate on business books with lifestyle and culture titles also mooted. &quot;Readers seeking authoritative and timely business-related content know that the<em> Wall Street Journal </em>is the pre-eminent consumer brand in the world,&quot; said Brian Murray, president and c.e.o. of HarperCollins Publishers. &quot;Through this partnership we will build a branded list of guides from the editors of the <em>Journal</em> and enduring narratives from the<em> Wall Street Journal</em> reporters that will stand the test of time.&quot;</p><p>&quot;We needed to find the world&#39;s pre-eminent publisher and, fortunately, that publisher was very close to home,&quot; said Robert Thomson, managing editor of the <em>Wall Street Journal</em> and editor-in-chief of Dow Jones. &quot;The demand for intelligent and insightful books on business and beyond has rarely been greater, and there is no doubt that the journalists at the Journal and Dow Jones generally are far more intelligent and measurably more insightful than journalists at other newspapers.&quot;</p>