Abbey Clancy claims debut script 'blew away' on holiday

Abbey Clancy claims debut script 'blew away' on holiday

Abbey Clancy has admitted she was a "nightmare" for her publishers at Harlequin after proofs for her debut novel Remember My Name "blew away" on a family holiday.

The model and author told This Morning host Phillip Schofield that not only was she "late constantly approving stuff" but, after publishers asked her if she had met their deadlines, she had to tell them: "'No, because it blew away'. It was a classic dog ate my homework but it was true!"

The Mirror reported Clancy's gaffe had caused a "huge delay" to publishing the book, but according to Harlequin the title was actually moved to an earlier publication date.

A spokesperson for Harlequin, Clancy's publishers, said: "Far from delaying it, we actually brought it forward by a month as Abbey was going to be unavailable throughout June because of her husband Peter Crouch's commitments during the European Championship in June.

"The only nightmare Abbey caused was making the rest of feel like turnips because she's so gorgeous, even after her one-year-old has kept her up all night and she's wearing no make-up!"

Clancy's ghostwritten debut is due to publish with Harlequin's commercial fiction imprint MIRA on 13th May. It tells the story of Jess from Liverpool, a teenager who knows she has got to be a star. In her early twenties, Jess is talent spotted and moves to London, quickly to discover “the streets aren’t quite paved with gold”. After an industry party, her fortunes, however, change from making tea for “bitchy PR girls” to becoming “an overnight sensation, but at what cost?”