Hamish Hamilton Pines for indie’s word-of-mouth hit

Hamish Hamilton Pines for indie’s word-of-mouth hit

Hamish Hamilton has won a nine-way auction for UK and Commonwealth rights to a bestselling Irish collection of personal, interlocking essays.

University College Dublin professor Emilie Pine’s Notes to Self, which tackles issues such as her troubled relationship with her alcoholic father, became a word-of-mouth sensation in Ireland after being published this summer by indie Tramp Press.

Simon Prosser, publishing director at Hamish Hamilton, acquired UK rights from agent Karolina Sutton at Curtis Brown, on behalf of Tramp. ICM sold US rights to Dial Press; Curtis Brown sold Swedish rights to Wahlstrom & Widstrand; and French rights went to Delcourt.

Hamish Hamilton will publish in hardback in January 2019 (when the e-book rights will transfer from Tramp to Hamish Hamilton), followed by a B-format paperback in June. Tramp retains trade paperback rights in the Irish market.

Prosser said: “This is such a special book: beautifully structured, intimate, immediate, moving and radically honest. It also speaks directly to women’s experiences in a way which feels utterly of the moment. To write this well—with this wisdom, confidence and maturity—straight from the gate is so rare. Emilie is one of the most exciting new writers I have read in a very long while.”