Journalist Cocozza's book to Hutchinson

Journalist Cocozza's book to Hutchinson

Hutchinson has pre-empted a book by Guardian journalist Paula Cocozza.

Publishing director Jocasta Hamilton acquired British Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) for I’ll Call You Red from Natasha Fairweather at United Agents.

Hamilton called it “a compelling, tense story with brilliantly distinctive language”. She said: “From the opening pages, I was gripped and tremendously excited to have found a new voice that I was desperate to publish.”

Cocozza said: "I am thrilled at the prospect of being published by Hutchinson. It was immediately obvious that they understood the novel, got it wholeheartedly, and their enthusiasm and insights were totally compelling. I am excited to be working with Jocasta in particular. We were in the same English class at sixth form college, both incredibly passionate about books, but I don't think either of us dreamed we would ever work on a novel together."

I’ll Call You Red will be published by Hutchinson in 2017, followed by a Windmill paperback.