Hall’s wolf tale to Faber

Hall’s wolf tale to Faber

Faber has signed a new novel from Sarah Hall, one of Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists 2013.

Lee Brackstone signed UK and Commonwealth rights in The Wolf Border in a deal with Clare Conville at Conville & Walsh. The book, set against a backdrop of an independent Scotland’s re-wilding projects, is said to "investigate the fundamental nature of wilderness and wildness, both animal and human" and seek "to understand the most obsessive aspects of humanity: sex, love, and conflict; the desire to find answers to the question of our existence; those complex systems that govern the most superior creature on earth."

It will be published in April 2015, with Faber c.e.o. Stephen Page promising it would be a "major publication" for the company.

Brackstone called Hall “one of the most original literary talents of her generation”, saying: "The Wolf Border is a novel with enormous narrative and contemporary urgency. In some ways it marks a return to the world of her first novel, Haweswater, but here is a writer in full maturity, at the top of her game."

The novel will also be published in 2015 by Harper Press in the US.