Hacker breaks Kindle's DRM

<p>An Israeli hacker has claimed to have broken copyright protections built into Amazon&rsquo;s Kindle for PC. </p><p>The move enables e-books stored on the reader to be read on other devices.<br />&nbsp;<br />According to IT website <a href="http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/12/23/amazon_kindle_hacked/" target="_blank"><em>The Register,</em></a> the hack began as a challenge on an internet forum; eight days later a hacker going by the name of Labba claimed to be able to do it using a piece of software called the unswindle, which converts proprietary Amazon e-books into the open Mobi format.<br />&nbsp;<br />According to a translation of Labba&rsquo;s write-up of the task, Amazon engineers &quot;seem to have done a reasonable job on the obfuscation&rdquo; to prevent Kindle&rsquo;s DRM being tampered with.<br />&nbsp;<br />The Register said no one from Amazon was available for comment.<br /></p>