Hachette's war of attrition with Amazon

<p>&quot;Publishers have had their Dunkirk, and now Hachette is attempting to launch D-Day&quot;, is Nick Clee&#39;s interpretation of the trade negotiations between Hachette and Amazon.co.uk. &quot;In retrospect, the publishers would admit that they should never have allowed discounts to get so high, and that they ought to have taken a stand much earlier. That is easy to say with hindsight.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;Booksellers&rsquo; demands are not going to lessen. The leading booksellers&rsquo; market shares, and therefore negotiating clout, may well increase. Publishers are not going to stage a triumphant counter-offensive any time soon. A long war of attrition is ahead.&quot;</p><p>The headline to the piece, reckons that the conflict will not be over by Christmas.</p>