Hachette's Emerson resigns due to 'personal issues'

Hachette's Emerson resigns due to 'personal issues'

Hachette UK’s c.o.o. Chris Emerson has resigned and left the company, it has been announced.

The firm said Emerson, who had been with the publisher for 11 years, has left due to "personal issues" and will not be replaced.

Emerson, who had a background working for Technicolour, joined Hachette in 2008 after a period as director of tech platform Outcast TV.

In a brief statement, Hachette said: “In the 11 years that he has been with Hachette, he has been responsible for a number of hugely successful infrastructure projects.”

Among the projects he helped oversee was the huge new Hely Hutchinson Centre in Didcot, one of the most advanced distribution facilities in Europe.