Hachette launches football 'gamebook' series

Hachette launches football 'gamebook' series

Hachette UK will this May launch a ‘gamebook’ series, combining storytelling and gaming, starting with a title based on the New Star Soccer game.

The New Star Soccer Story narrative potentially takes the reader from playing football in the park, to being spotted by a talent scout then being signed to a leading club. However, the story takes different paths depending on how the reader responds to games within the story.

The 'gamebook' was created by writing duo The 2Steves (Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore), working alongside New Star Games and Insight Studios, and is ideal for adults and children who are reluctant readers, according to Hachette.

Hachette’s brand development director Damian Horner said: “Hachette is continually looking at new ways to engage with readers. The gamebook series combinges gameplay technology and traditional storytelling in a new way that goes far beyond the printed page or e-book.”

New Star Soccer Story will be released in May in the UK, France and Germany ahead of Euro 2016, priced at £4.99. It will be available in both iOS and Android formats.