Hachette bags Saft’s YA fantasy romance

Hachette bags Saft’s YA fantasy romance

Hachette Children’s Group will be the first UK publisher to release an Allison Saft novel with the “rich and tender” YA fantasy romance A Far Wilder Magic.

UK and Commonwealth rights were acquired by Polly Lyall Grant, senior commissioning editor, from Louise Lamont at LBA on behalf of Claire Friedman and Jessica Mileo at InkWell Management. The book will be published on 17th March 2022 in both paperback and e-book by Orion Children’s Books.

A Far Wilder Magic is set in the dark, gothic town of Wickdon and follows Maggie and Wes, kindred spirits who are both struggling to know where they belong. This fantasy novel explores a magical fox hunt, the competition for young love and a perilous dark magic which could topple everything.

“I’m so thrilled to be working with Polly and the team at Hachette Children’s Group,” said Saft. “As I wrote A Far Wilder Magic, I wanted to capture a place brimming with both dangerous magic and whimsy – and where the worst monsters might be human. Most of all, I wanted to write a book for anyone struggling to belong and struggling to dream. It’s my greatest wish that readers find comfort and hope in its pages.”

Grant added: “I’m a big fan of gothic worlds and epic romances – and Allison’s combination blew me away. The tension between Maggie and Wes is palpable, as they share a deep feeling of not belonging that eventually binds them together. Allison’s skill at writing rich descriptions of wilderness, legendary creatures, weather, and alchemy offset the desperate need for survival beautifully. I can’t wait to see this gorgeous fantasy reach UK readers.”