Gwyn Jones signs debut for Scribe UK

Gwyn Jones signs debut for Scribe UK

Philip Gwyn Jones has acquired two novels from author Gavin McCrea for his list at Scribe UK.

The first book, Mrs Engels, based on the true story of Lizzie Burns, a woman who escaped the Irish famine to work in a Manchester cotton mill, where she meets the mill owner and future co-author of The Communist Manifesto, Frederick Engels. The novel charts their life as they move to London, and moves between the two cities and the events of Lizzie's life.

Gwyn Jones signed world English rights to the book, McCrea's debut, and a second novel, in a deal with Rebecca Carter at Janklow & Nesbit.

He said: "Over the surprises and reversals towers this magnificent woman, an utterly memorable creation. Her voice is beautifully sustained and distinctive, and at key moments the book, without ever straining, becomes movingly beautiful and profound. And, as in all great novels, the ending is marvellous.
"I say to all the agents when they ask what am I looking for at Scribe UK, ‘potential prize-winners’, and this is what this is, in spades. I’m so taken with it, and with the future it promises, that I’ve signed Gavin up for a second novel sight unseen."

Carter said: "Lots of wonderful things are beginning here: Gavin McCrea’s brilliant career as a novelist and, Philip Gwyn Jones’s list at Scribe UK. It’s exciting to be in at the start of both."

McCrea is originally from Ireland and has lived in Spain and London. He is a graduate of UEA's creative writing MA programme.

Mrs Engels will be published in the UK, Ireland and Australia and New Zealand on May Day 2015. It is currently on submission to US editors.