Guinness World Records in China venture

Guinness World Records in China venture

Guinness World Records is partnering with Chinese publisher Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Publishing (FLTRP) on a series of education-based world record challenges.

The initiative has been revealed as part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s first business delegation to China this week.

The two publishers will collaborate on a series of initiatives to engage hundreds of thousands of young people in world record challenges related to education. The partnership will include live events and new English language teaching materials for FLTRP’s 20 to 30 million English language students.

Prime minister David Cameron said: “I am delighted that Guinness World Records are joining me in the largest British business delegation to go to China this century. “ He added that he hoped to “open the door” for the company in China’s fast-growing market, along with “creating opportunities for them to expand their business."

Alistair Richards, global president of Guinness World Records, said: “Guinness World Records is exceptionally proud to be joining with FLTRP… and inspired by the shared educational objectives of our two brands. Our partnership brings together two market leaders which are both confident to learn as well as to teach. Our partnership is an example of the enormous potential for educational and cultural exchange between the UK and China.”