Guinness to release digital-only title

Guinness to release digital-only title

Guinness World Records is launching its first digital-only title next week, Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions.

The e-book, priced £1.99, will be released in the US and UK on 2nd July, and will be available on iPad, Nook, Kindle and mobile devices.

The title includes alternative sporting records such as "Fastest 100 Metre Hurdles Wearing Swim Fins", "Highest Shallow Dive" and "Heaviest Car Balanced on the Head".

It is going to be promoted across retailers including on the Apple iBooks homepage, Amazon's Kindle blog and W H Smith's Recommended Read position.

Frank Chambers, Guinness World Records v.p. publishing, said: "As our first digital-only title this is a more tailored implementation of our wealth of record-breaking content and is an area we aim to exploit much further."