Guille-Marrett joins indie education publisher

Guille-Marrett joins indie education publisher

Emily Guille-Marrett has been appointed head of English publishing and training at independent education publisher, Maths - No Problem!, to build a new literacy business. 

Guille-Marrett takes on the role of head of English publishing and training and will report to managing director Martin Casimir. 

With nearly 20 years of educational publishing and commissioning experience, Guille-Marrett has previously created successful primary schools and home learning content for publishers including Oxford University Press, Pearson and Collins Education.

She said: “The response I’ve had from educators, academics, literary agents, authors and illustrators to early ideas and plans so far has been fantastic. I’m really grateful to Martin Casimir and the Maths — No Problem! team for this opportunity. I’m determined to bring all the learning I’ve had from incredible talent across the publishing and education industries over the years to make a real difference to children’s literacy in schools.”

“Some may think entering the primary reading and writing markets just now to be virtually impossible due to the behemoths of the industry. They’d be right to be cautious. But when it comes to David and Goliath analogies in educational publishing, there’s none so exciting in recent years as that of Maths — No Problem!”

Casimir added: “The primary English market is beginning to look tired and some publishers are in danger of cannibalising their own lists. A lot of the challenges Maths — No Problem! was created to address are equally prevalent in the English curriculum. With our infrastructure and knowledge coupled with Emily’s experience of and enthusiasm for primary literacy the organisation is feeling decidedly optimistic.”