Guardian Faber signs story of Greenpeace activists

Guardian Faber signs story of Greenpeace activists

Guardian Faber has acquired a non-fiction book covering the experience of the Greenpeace protestors who endured two months in a Russian prison.

The book, named after a common saying in Russian prisons – Don't Trust, Don't Fear, Don't Beg – is written by Ben Stewart, an expedition leader on Greenpeace's mission to confront Arctic oil drillers, and longtime environmental campaigner. The campaign group had planned to make their way to an oil platform and stage a protest, when their ship was captured by Russian commandos and 30 Greenpeace members were held in Murmansk jail.

Guardian Faber editorial director Laura Hassan signed UK and Commonwealth rights from David Godwin at DGA.

She said: "It’s an emotional, nail-biting read. Ben Stewart has captured not only the extraordinary experience of those men and women but also the conflict of our age -  the race against the melting ice and the worrying rush to exploit Arctic resources at any cost."

Stewart said: "I realised there was a book to be written about this story when I was in St Petersburg and my friends were being released from jail. In their first hours of freedom they told me the most remarkable stories about their lives inside Putin’s prison system."

The book is scheduled for April 2015.