Burnett's science of happiness investigation to Guardian Faber

Burnett's science of happiness investigation to Guardian Faber

Guardian Faber has acquired The Happy Brain by neuroscientist Dean Burnett.

Laura Hassan, editorial director at Faber, acquired world all language rights from Chris Wellbelove at Green & Heaton.

In The Happy Brain Dean Burnett, author of The Idiot Brain (Guardian Faber), investigates the science underlying happiness.

The book's synopsis reads: "The enthusiasm for and expectation of happiness are so widespread today that fundamental questions about it are often overlooked. For starters, the most basic question of all: where does happiness come from? Is it your brain – a mere concoction of chemicals, or network of neurons? Is it in fact your gut? [Spoiler alert: yes. Sort of.] Or is it external? Is it love or sex or money or success? And what are these doing to our brains anyway?

"Burnett delves into our most private selves to investigate what causes happiness, where it comes from, and why we are so desperate to hang onto it."

Burnett is a neuroscientist and stand-up comedian. His book The Idiot Brain has sold in 21 territories, with Film & TV rights to Whoopi Goldberg’s One Ho Productions.

Hassan said: "Burnett takes us on a thoroughly enjoyable, scientific tour of what is going on in our brains when we're happy as well as an exploration of whether lasting, permanent happiness is achievable, or even desirable. Burnett's wit and perceptive commentary make this miles more mood-boosting than any self-help book."

Burnett said: "I struggled for a long time with what the subject of my second book should be, and everyone kept telling me to write about 'whatever makes you happy'. I don't think anyone expected me to be quite so literal about it."

Guardian Faber will publish the book in May 2018.