Guardian competition for indie authors

Guardian competition for indie authors

The Guardian and Legend Times have set up a competition for self-published novels, with the winning entry being reviewed in the newspaper.

Authors can submit one novel a year to the monthly competition, with entries read by a panel of judges made up of staff from the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency, Legend Press’ commissioning editor Lauren Parsons, and authors Stuart Evers and Polly Courtney.

Each month, the winning novel will be reviewed in the Guardian. Claire Armistead, the paper’s literary editor, said: “The phenomenon of self-publishing in the past couple of years has become too big for any of us to ignore. We’re confident that our partnership with Legend Times . . . will give us a chance to find the brightest and the best in this dynamic new sector.”

Tom Chalmers, Legend Times m.d., said: “There are some brilliant self-published books out there and the aim of the prize is to bring these gems to the fore. People in the publishing industry and literary awards in general are often too quick to disregard the work of self-published authors, missing the wealth of creativity and innovative writing there is out there.”

Legend Times is a publishing group which includes traditional publisher Legend Press and self-publishing company New Generation Publishing.

Entries for the competition open today (8th April).