Guardian and Hot Keys launch young writers prize

Guardian and Hot Keys launch young writers prize

Hot Keys Books has partnered with the Guardian to launch a new young person’s writing prize.

The publisher says it is on the hunt for two “passionate young writers” between the ages of 18 and 25, providing the winners with the “chance to be published” and editorial support and advice.

The entrants can either write for children aged nine-12 or for young adults aged 13 to 19.

Hot Key Books publisher Sarah Odedina told the Guardian: "What we want to do with Hot Key Books is something fresh and different. The core of what we will be doing is publishing authors, and without strong authors publishing houses can't exist. It can be difficult for authors to get to publishers these days, so this is to encourage writers, and is an opportunity for us to meet new authors. There are an awful lot of good young writers around."

Claire Armistead, books editor of the Guardian and Observer, said she wanted the project to celebrate the company’s first year of its new children’s books site.

“In China, teen-to-teen writing is hugely popular, so why not in the UK? It's young people who know best what young readers want," Armistead said.

The competition opens on 30th April and the winners will be announced at next year’s London Book Fair.