The Grid to Random House Business Books

The Grid to Random House Business Books

Random House Business Books has acquired The Grid by 32-year-old business guru Matt Watkinson.

Nigel Wilcockson, publishing director at Random House Business Books, bought world rights from Patrick Walsh and Carrie Plitt at Conville & Walsh.

The book introduces readers to "The Grid" as a means to keep promising new business ventures on course, while helping them to "road-test" decisions before they make them. "The Grid" is described as a brilliant and deceptively simple decision-making tool, honed by Watkinson, that can be slotted into any business to cover every eventuality.

Wilcockson said: "Matt Watkinson’s genius lies both in his ability to look at companies  in the round and to make the complex crystal clear. The Grid offers a revolutionary new way to test ideas and to forestall potential problems."

Watkinson said: "Other sciences have embraced a systems-based view of the world: physics, mathematics, biology and ecology; even economics is moving in this direction. It’s time business thinking did too. As such, The Grid isn’t just a shiny new model and a book; it's the envoy of a modern, holistic approach to management, decision-making and strategy that will surely come to dominate our discipline too, as it has the other sciences."

Random House Business Books will publish in hardback, trade paperback and e-book editions in early spring 2017, with a mass-market paperback edition the following year.