Greystone Books publishes tropical forest investigation

Greystone Books publishes tropical forest investigation

Greystone Books will today release On the Edge, a book providing an “up-to-date picture of the health of the world’s tropical forests”.

On the Edge has been commissioned by the Club of Rome, a global think-tank whose remit is to identify crucial problems and improve the prospects for the future.

The book, authored by scientist and conservationist Claude Martin, will be launched in association with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) at a press conference today in Berlin, and includes exclusive satellite images of deforestation provided by NASA.

The book follows Limits to Growth, a report to the Club of Rome published in 1972 which introduced the idea that world resources are limited.

In the book Martin integrates information from satellite imaging, ecology and economics to explain deforestation and forest health throughout the tropical world.

He explains how urbanisation, an increasingly global economy, and a worldwide demand for biofuels put new pressure on rainforest land, and examines the policies and market forces that have successfully preserved forests in some areas and discusses the economic benefits of protected areas. Martin will also use evidence from ice core records and past forest cover patterns to predict the most likely effects of climate change.

Greystone Books is a Canadian publisher. On the Edge is released as a £20 hardback.