Greene & Heaton teams with CompletelyNovel

Greene & Heaton teams with CompletelyNovel

Self-published platform CompletelyNovel is teaming up with Greene & Heaton literary agency to link authors with agents.

The platform offers unpublished authors the ability to publish their own work in digital and paperback format and sell it on CompletelyNovel for a monthly subscription fee.

The books that have seen most sales or have the highest ratings on the website will now be considered for representation by Green & Heaton.

Sarah Juckes, communications manager at CompletelyNovel, said 90% of its authors wanted help getting the attention of a literary agent. “For many entrepreneurial writers, self-publishing whilst simultaneously exploring more conventional routes to reaching readers, makes good business sense,” she said.

Nicola Barr, agent at Greene & Heaton and inspiration for the collaboration, said: “We’re ever hungry for exciting new talent here at Greene & Heaton and impressed by those who take the initiative and self-publish either as a way to get their writing career off the ground or as a personal project.” She added: “CompletelyNovel offers a great opportunity for emerging writers, and we’re very much looking forward to working alongside them and finding something that makes us fall off our seats with excitement and in horror that we might otherwise have missed it.”

CompletelyNovel offers self-publishers the opportunity to publish two titles a month for free and sell their works through the CompletelyNovel website, or two titles a month for the cost of £7.99 a month and have their works also sold through Amazon “and other retailers”. It’s ‘Pro’ package offers authors the option of publishing 10 titles a month for £14.99 and having those titles sold on the platform and also through Amazon “and other retailers.” The website also give authors the ability to create their own covers online.