Green Book Supply Chain Alliance launches industry survey

Green Book Supply Chain Alliance launches industry survey

The International Green Book Supply Chain Alliance has this week launched a global industry survey, to gather data about the publishing industry's environmental intiatives. 

The organisation was formed by Book Industry Communication (BIC) with BookNet Canada and US body the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) earlier this year, to share information, joint planning, environmental events and other initiatives.

The three organisations have now launched a global survey to better understand what sustainable initiatives are currently being taken by industry companies, as well as priorities for the coming year. The results of the survey will be shared in early 2021, to improve understanding of industry efforts to address book publishing's impact on the environment, particularly with regards to the book supply chain.

The survey consists of multiple choice questions, with a section at the end for additional information and an option to include contact information to receive future communication on Green Alliance efforts. Responses may be aggregated to provide a summary report. The staff leadership team comprises Karina Urquhart from BIC, Brian O'Leary from BISG, and Noah Genner from BookNet Canada. Their discussions have included a draft list of initial priorities that will be tested and refined through the survey.

Additional information on plans for 2021 are expected to be shared soon, accompanied by the results of the open survey.