Greek publisher Papadopoulos sets up UK children’s imprint

Greek publisher Papadopoulos sets up UK children’s imprint

Papadopoulos Publishing, an Athens-based publisher that has been running for more than 70 years, is setting up an imprint in the UK to publish children’s books.

Faros Books will be based in London and will launch in February and will publish 10 titles in the first year, 10-14 in the following year and the aim is to publish 15-20 books in 2024. Most will be translated from Greek.

M.d. of Papadopoulos Publishing Ioannis Papadopoulos said he wanted to launch a business in London because the city is a centre of English language publishing across continents, and is closer to Athens than alternatives such as New York.

“The decision to become English language publishers in the first place came after we realised that many of our Greek language picture books were being translated (and published successfully) in other languages, but too few among them in English,” he said. “English language books output is so huge that very seldom do publishers there seek to translate books (especially children's') from other languages. Thus we took the task upon ourselves!”

Two books based on Jules Verne stories by author Antonis Papatheodoulou and illustrator Iris Samartzil are scheduled for release this year: Around the World in 80 Days in February and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in March. Faros will also publish two books about the Greek myths by author Philippos Mandilaras and illustrator Natalia Kapatsoulia: Twelve Gods of Olympus in February and Odysseus's Journey in March. Don't be Silly - Wrong Leg, Billy! by Papatheodoulou, illustrated by Petros Bouloubasis will follow in April.

All of the books are translated into English by Allison Falkonakis, an English author living in Athens. 

Roy Johnson will direct commercial development in the UK and sales and distribution will be handled by Saltway.