Greek bailout book to HoZ

Greek bailout book to HoZ

Head of Zeus has acquired rights to a new edition of The Full Catastrophe examining Greece’s recent EU bailout.

Digital editor at Head of Zeus, Ellen Parnavelas, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to The Full Catastrophe by Greek-American journalist James Angelos. This is a new updated edition of the book, which was originally published in the US by Crown.

Angelos said: “I’m excited for the chance to update the book to incorporate the dramatic events of the past months. The recent developments – the Greek referendum and the eleventh-hour deal for a third bailout – underscore fundamental dilemmas Greece faces as it struggles to remain in the euro while attempting, futilely, to retain a modicum of national sovereignty.”

Parnavelas said of the acquisition: “I am delighted to have acquired such a timely and unique account of this difficult period in Greece’s history. The Full Catastrophe explains the complete background to the headlines we see unfolding in the news around us.”

Angelos is also a writer for the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

The Full Catastrophe will be published in trade paperback at the end of September priced at £9.99.