Grand plans for Paolini as Inheritance Cycle climaxes

Random House Children’s Books is hoping that Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle series will be remembered for generations to come as it plans marketing activity for the final instalment, Inheritance.

The fourth volume in Paolini’s series will be published on 8th November (£18.99, hardback). The marketing campaign will focus on online activity, with a Facebook page along with a video trailer for the book that will be promoted on YouTube, Random House UK and RH global sites.

A newsletter will be sent out to 75,000 people on RHCB’s mailing list. Paolini is also touring the UK from 27th September to 1st October and among the events he will appear at are the sci-fi and fantasy convention, Fantasy Con, in Brighton. 

RHCB marketing director Barry O’Donovon said July had seen a lift in backlist sales and pre-orders following an advertising campaign and backlist redesign. “We expect the digital edition to perform extremely well as we have seen that readers of YA fantasy have been early adopters,” he said.