CMS committee opens inquiry into Brexit's impact on creative industries

CMS committee opens inquiry into Brexit's impact on creative industries

Creative industries insiders are being invited to contribute to a culture, media and sport committee inquiry into the implications of Brexit on the creative industries and the digital single market.

The inquiry opened on Friday (15th September) and is asking for written submissions by Friday 28th October to "make sure Brexit can become a success for [the creative industries]".

The inquiry will focus on employment in the creative industries, asking whether the UK will be able to attract and retain talent worldwide to maintain its "high reputation", as well as the digital single market. It is inviting input on the "fears and advantages arising from the UK being outside the developing single market", including on what it means for companies that use the UK as a base within the single market.

Hot on the heels of European Commission's proposals for copyright, welcomed by the Society of Authors and Publishers Association on Wednesday (14th September), the inquiry also asks what should happen in relation to copyright after the UK leaves the EU. The Intellectual Property Office has stated that the position on trademarks, designs, patents, copyright and enforcement remains the same until exit negotiations are concluded. 

The impact of the loss of European Union funding will be assessed, too, looking at specialised funding, like the Creative Europe fund, and more general funding, like the Regional Development Fund. It will investigate whether the UK Government will replace these or tax exemptions or private sponsorship can "fill the gap".

Damian Collins MP, acting chair of the committee, said: "The process of leaving the European Union is one of the greatest challenges that the United Kingdom faces today. The creative industries and tourism are two of the most important sectors in our economy, and we have to make sure that Brexit can become a success for them.

"For this inquiry, we want to examine all of the challenges and opportunities that Brexit could bring. We have set out some of the specific issues that we will be focusing on, but we want to hear from people and organisations in the creative and tourism sectors on any concerns or ideas they may have relating to Brexit."

According to inquiry guidelines, the UK digital sector is currently worth £118 bn a year, and 43% of UK digital exports go to the EU.