Government earmarks ecrime strategy for autumn

<p>Culture secretary Andy Burnham has pledged to have the framwork of an international strategy to combat ecrime in place by this autumn, the Guardian reports. </p><p>Speaking to, Burnham said he would seek to &quot;develop a memorandum of understanding with other governments that would make the UK&#39;s own initiatives to combat internet piracy more likely to succeed&quot;. </p><p>The government aims to reduce illegal downloads in the UK by 70-80%, he added. </p><p>Burnham is hoping to earmark the &quot;Davos for creative businesses&quot; world conference, held in Hertfordshire in October, to develop &quot;an agreement on tackling illegal downloading&quot;. But he wil call upon industry members to &quot;work together to offer compelling legal download alternatives and the vigilance to crackdown on piracy&quot;. </p>