Gordon Brown’s Seven Ways to S&S

Gordon Brown’s Seven Ways to S&S

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has signed up to write a new book for Simon & Schuster, assessing seven major challenges facing the world.

Deputy publishing director Ian Marshall acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Seven Ways to Change the World from Jonny Geller at Curtis Brown and will publish in June 2021.

In the book, Brown sets out "seven of the great international evils"—from climate change and the humanitarian crisis to education and health—and how, in the aftermath of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, new ways of dealing with these longstanding problems can be found.

Commenting on the acquisition, Marshall said: "The last few months of the pandemic have brought into sharper focus than ever before many of the challenges the world is facing. Although Gordon Brown’s actions helped save us from a complete financial collapse in 2008, many of the lessons we should have taken onboard then have still not been learned. Working with experts from around the world, he plots a way forward to a fairer, better, safer, healthier planet for everyone. This is not only a book that policy makers will need to study and implement, it is one that can inspire us all to work together for a better future. Now, perhaps more than ever, his optimistic vision is exactly what we need."

Brown commented: "Leadership in a crisis means getting to the root of the problem and always being not just one but two steps ahead of the curve. Now that we are in a post-Trump era and have a Biden presidency, I want our world to begin anew to address the great global problems that cannot be solved without globally co-ordinated actions. I set out seven of the great international evils, including poverty, pandemics, pollution, nuclear proliferation and popular nationalism, that are in urgent need of a concerted global response and I propose seven ways we can build a better world."