Google Settlement to be revised by 9th November

<p>Judge Denny Chin has called for a new Google Settlement to be introduced by 9th November, with final approval expected shortly before or just after the turn of the year. However, those who object to the revised deal will face a shorter period of time to file any new concerns.<br /> </p><p>The palintiffs had originally called for a Status Update for early November. But at a hearing held yesterday (7th October) in New York that had originally been scheduled as the Fairness Hearing, Chin said he hoped the parties would file a motion for preliminary approval of the amended deal by 9th November so a hearing could be held in late December or early January for final approval.<br /><br />According to Reuters, Chin said: &quot;I like the target date of early November. Targeting the changes is the right way to do it.&quot; The conference lasted 15-minutes with lawyers for the parties and the US Department of Justice, which had made serious objections to the original Settlement.<br /><br />Michael J Boni, a lawyer who represented authors, asked the judge to allow Google and its partners to shorten the period for accepting comments or objections from all parties affected by the amendments. Judge Chin broadly agreed, reported the <em>New York Times</em>. &quot;I think everyone has a pretty good idea of what is on the table.&quot;</p><p>Paul Aiken, executive director of the Authors Guild, said in an interview with the NYT that &quot;the core agreement is going to stay the same&quot;.</p><p>But others were concerned by the short period for making changes to the deal, with a worry that the modifications would not address the objections. The amendments were likely &quot;to increase rather than diminish the problems&quot;, one lawyer told the NYT.<br /><br /><br /></p>