Google launches first e-reader

Google launches first e-reader

Google has teamed up with iriver to launch the first e-reader to be integrated with the Google e-books platform.

The iriver Story HD will go on sale at Target on Sunday (17th July) priced $139.99, the same r.r.p. as the Kindle.

The device will have wi-fi and a six-inch e-Ink screen with a QWERTY keyboard. It will allow "over-the-air access to hundreds of thousands of Google e-books for sale and more than 3 million for free," with users able to store e-books in the cloud, according to Pratip Banerji, Google Books product manager.

On the Google Books blog, Banjeri wrote: "We built the Google e-books platform to be open to all publishers, retailers and manufacturers. Manufacturers like iriver can use Google Books APIs and services to connect their devices to the full Google e-books catalogue for out-of-the-box access to a complete e-bookstore.

"You can also store your personal e-books library in the cloud—picking up where you left off in any e-book you're reading as you move from laptop to smartphone to e-reader to tablet."

Google E-books launched in December 2010.