Gollancz signs Martell's 'unmissable' debut fantasy series

Gollancz signs Martell's 'unmissable' debut fantasy series

Gollancz has signed up debut author Nick Martell’s “unmissable” fantasy series, The Mercenary King.

Deputy publisher Gillian Redfearn acquired UK and Commonwealth rights for three books from John Berlyne of the Zeno Agency Ltd, on behalf of Joshua Bilmes of the JABberwocky Literary Agency. First novel The Kingdom of Liars will be released in March 2020. Rights have also gone to Saga Press in the US and Blanvalet in Germany.

The synopsis states: “Magic comes at a price. And in Hollow, that price is paid in memories. This is the tale of Michael Kingman. Last of the legendary line of Kingman, son of a disgraced nobleman, standing trial for regicide himself, he was prepared to risk every last shred of memory to prove his father was not murderer – and to protect his family, at any cost. And you will hear this story as he lived it...”

Redfearn said: "This is such a vibrant and original novel. When John and Joshua said they were bowled over by Nick’s storytelling gift I knew The Kingdom of Liars would be an irresistible read – and it was. Amnesia, magic, insidious politics and a fantastic murder mystery are woven into the DNA of this character-driven adventure  - and Nick is just getting going. This is an unmissable new series.”

Martell added: “Being acquired by Gollancz and Gillian was a dream come true. Years ago I couldn't have imagined that I would one day be sharing a publisher with so many of my favourite authors. And to be working with Gillian has left me awestruck. She's utterly brilliant and I can't wait to continue working with the entire Gollancz team.”