Gollancz to publish new Graceling Realm novel

Gollancz to publish new Graceling Realm novel

Gollancz has acquired Winterkeep from Kristin Cashore, a book returning to the fantasy world of her last Graceling Realm novel, published eight years ago.

The new book is set a few years after the events of Bitterblue and it will be published on 19th January 2021. 

"Twenty-three-year old Queen Bitterblue hopes to forge a relationship with the unfamiliar nation Winterkeep, a democratic republic with advanced technology... and a great deal of political division, especially regarding environmental resources," reads the synopsis for Winterkeep. "The adventure begins when Bitterblue’s envoys drown in mysterious circumstances, and she decides to go to Winterkeep herself."

The deal for Winterkeep was agreed by Gillian Redfearn, deputy publisher of Gollancz, with Lora Fountain of the Lora Fountain Literary Agency, on behalf of Faye Bender at The Book Group.

The Graceling Realm novels have sold more than two million copies, and are published in 33 languages, according to Gollancz. Through Nielsen BookScan UK Cashore has sold 90,817 books for £706,896, with her bestseller Graceling, at 28,079 copies sold in paperback.

Redfearn said: "Bringing Winterkeep to Gollancz was a real zap of excitement. I have always loved the power and honesty of the Graceling Realm novels. They embrace anger, revolution and the essential nature of holding power to account, and being accountable for your own power, through characters who find wisdom through kindness. Every one of her novels is an uplifting punch to the heart."

Cashore, from north-east Pennsylvania, has published three epic fantasy novels set in the Graceling Realm—Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue—which have won accoldaes including an ALA Best Books for Young Adults prize, School Library Journal Best Book of the Year, Booklist Editors’ Choice, and Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. Graceling was also shortlisted for the William C Morris YA Debut Award, and Fire received the Amelia Elizabeth Walden Book Award.