Gollancz to publish Aaronovitch's London-set mystery

Gollancz to publish Aaronovitch's London-set mystery

Gollancz is publishing the sixth book in Ben Aaronovitch’s bestselling Peter Grant series,The Hanging Tree, this November, set to be supported by a major marketing and publicity campaign and full UK tour.

It follows Foxglove Summer that published in 2014. 

The Hanging Tree is said to be a "gripping and hilarious adventure through the secret streets of London", as it delves into London's dark past, promising "a liberal sprinkling of folklore, myth and violent crime".

The book is named after the ghoulish nickname for the Tyburn gallows, which stood where Marble Arch stands today, and its mystery will take the reader down Oxford Street towards the gallows, the last journey of the condemned. The super-rich, who own the Mayfair mansions, are to receive a "bloody reminder" of its haunted legacy. The blurb teases "and blood mixed with magic is a job for Peter Grant."

Gillian Redfearn, publisher at Gollancz, said: "The Hanging Tree is fantastic – a mystery set in the heart of London and drawing on the city’s rich history and culture to add depth and a little London magic to a gripping story. It’s a treat to read, and a welcome early Christmas present for fans of Ben Aaronovitch and PC Peter Grant."

The hardback and e-book will publish on3rd November, with the audiobook - to be read by narrator Kobna Holdbrook-Smith - expected to publish on 24th November. An MP3CD will be available on 8th December. World rights were acquired from John Berlyne at the Zeno Literary Agency.

Aaronovitch’s previous titles include Rivers of London, Moon Over Soho, Whispers Underground and Broken Homes. He has also written for TV series including "Dr Who", and has also worked as a bookseller.