Gollancz nets two 'astonishing' fantasy novels from Krueger

Gollancz nets two 'astonishing' fantasy novels from Krueger

Gollancz has netted two “astonishing” fantasy novels from author Paul Krueger.

Gillian Redfearn, deputy publisher, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from with Caspian Dennis at Abner Stein, on behalf of DongWon Song at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency.

Described by fellow fantasy writer Kevin Hearne as “a hexbolt to the heart”, first novel Steel Crow Saga is released in September. The publisher said: “Steel Crow Saga is a stand-alone epic drawing on south-east Asian history, a Pokémon-inspired adventure, and the character-driven tale of an Emperor, a detective, a soldier and a thief who, impossible as it may seem, will all find themselves aligned in trying to prevent a war.”

It will be followed in 2021 with another stand-alone tale. Driftwood Orphans follows two characters through a world of ever-shifting politics and loyalties. The synopsis states: “Cole and Tenny are best friends, leaders of a ruthless gang, city-shamans, siblings in every respect except blood . . . and now mortal enemies.”

Krueger is a Filipino-American writer based in Los Angeles. His first book, Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge, used fantasy to examine the plight of the underemployed food service millennial.  It was published in the US by Quirk Books.

He said: “Steel Crow Saga was a true passion project: the kind I was both terrified to write and terrified to leave unwritten. At each step of the way, I've been so humbled by how much people have supported and believed in it. I can't wait for readers to see what made me and my incredible team so excited to tell this story.”

Redfearn added: “I’m thrilled to welcome Paul Krueger to the Gollancz list. Steel Crow Saga blew me away with the strength of the characters, vividness of the world, and depth of the storytelling, and I’m excited for even more people to read it. Paul is a tremendous talent; his love for this story comes though with every gripping word.”