Golden Guides Press to launch in new year

Golden Guides Press to launch in new year

A new fiction and commercial non-fiction publisher will launch its first list in the new year, with books by Charles Dickens' great-great-great granddaughter among others.

Golden Guides Press, and its fiction imprint, G-Press Fiction, will release its first six books and e-books at the end of January 2012, with Fiona Shoop as editorial director.

Golden Guides Press' launch titles are What to Do When you Win the Lottery by Cathy Bussey, deputy editor of PR Week; Charles Dickens by Lucinda Dickens Hawksley, a biography of the Victorian novelist written by his great-great-great granddaughter; and Sylvia Pankhurst: The Rebellious Suffragette, a reprint of Shirley Harrison's study of the famous women's rights leader, with a new foreword by Pankhurst's son, Richard.

The list will also feature series including The Classic Guide to...; War in Britain; and The Completely Useless Guide to... . Published in January will be The Completely Useless Guide to London by animation director Martin Pullen, who worked on children's TV programmes including "Paddington", "Postman Pat" and "The Wombles". The Classic Guide to Famous Assassinations by Sarah Herman will also be released in January.

G-Press Fiction will launch with YA dystopian adventure novel Toxic Treacle by author Echo Freer.

In April, the first War in Britain title will be released, with Jon and Diane Sutherland's Prisoner of War Camps in Britain during the Second World War to tell the story of the prisoners, their treatment and the effect of the camps on the local community.

Golden Guides Press editorial director Fiona Shoop said: "I am incredibly excited to be launching my own list. My strength is spotting a gap in the market and seeing what readers want and we have a strong line-up of titles from some fantastic authors, including several award-winning bestsellers. I am very much looking forward to seeing the list develop over the next couple of years."