Godin to launch imprint through Amazon

<p>US business writer Seth Godin is to launch a new print, digital and audio imprint through Amazon. </p><p>The <a href="http://www.thedominoproject.com/" target="_blank">Domino Project</a> will publish an initial list of six titles using the e-tailer&#39;s Powered by Amazon publishing programme in early 2011. The titles will be available as print, e-books and audio. </p><p>Godin is to serve as the &quot;lead writer, creative director and instigator&quot; for the series of &quot;Idea Manifestos&quot;.</p><p>Godin, whose titles include <em>Tribes</em> and <em>Linchpin: Are you Indispensable?</em>, said he was &quot;thrilled to have the opportunity to break ground and help define what a new publishing model can become&quot;, vowing he would &quot;leverage Amazon&#39;s strength in what they do best: fulfill to a global audience, across all formats, and help me reach my core audience while increasing discovery among brand new readers.&quot;</p><p>Godin added: &quot;A book that isn&#39;t read doesn&#39;t do anyone any good, and too often, the structure of the book publishing industry gets in the way of books reaching people who can benefit from them.<br />Amazon knows what to do to help these books get read.&quot;</p><p>Godin caused controversy in August, when he <a href="../news/126508-us-author-to-bypass-fundamentally-broken-publishers.html" target="_blank">announced</a> that <em>Linchpin</em> would be his last title released by the &quot;fundamentally broken&quot; publishing industry.</p>