'Global digital book signing' for Beckham

'Global digital book signing' for Beckham

David Beckham will hold a "groundbreaking" global digital book signing event on 30th October, for the launch of his latest book David Beckham (Headline).

The footballing superstar will be "reinventing the traditional format of the book signing" in an event broadcast live at 3.00pm BST via Beckham's Facebook page.

Beckham will be at a central London location; however new technology will be employed to give fans in London, New York, Hyderabad and Sao Paulo who win tickets to the event a personalised digital signature.

There will be also be a live Q&A on a specially created Digital Stadium, hosted by sports presenter Jake Humphrey, where fans living in different cities around the world will also be able to ask questions, and will receive a digital Beckham signature on Facebook.

Beckham said: "I always like innovative and original ideas. What has been created is ambitious, but it should be a fantastic event. I love the interaction with my fans, but not only will I be able to do this in London, I will be able to sign for them in locations across the world."

Glenn Miller, who leads entertainment partnerships for Facebook across EMEA, said the event "heralds a completely new way to launch books". Miller said: "Facebook is where people go to connect about the things that matter most to them and this global event is a great example of how we can engage with public figures in a meaningful and authentic way."