'Get in the Sea' book to Michael Joseph

'Get in the Sea' book to Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph is to publish Get in the Sea: An Apoplectic Guide to Modern Life by Andy Dawson, the creator of the popular 'Get in the Sea' Twitter account and Facebook page.

Michael Joseph acquired world rights in all languages and audio rights to the book.

Get in the Sea’s Twitter feed consists of “highlighting people and things that need to get in the f**king sea.”

A synopsis for the book on Penguin's website describes the sea as "cold, wet and unforgiving" and thus "the perfect place to dump sh*t products, moronic people, and crap pop culture.”

Dawson told The Bookseller: "The book will be filled with all the things and people that have forfeited the right to exist on dry land due to their complete and utter ridiculousness. Everything from man buns to gin made from ants; real people playing Quidditch to juicing crawls and dog yoga."

He added: “I’m delighted that what began as a half-baked, spleen-venting Twitter feed has led to what will be surely be recognised by historians as the definitive guide to everything that was stupid and wrong in 2016.”

Rowland White, publishing director at Michael Joseph, said: “Rarely can a few words I can’t repeat here have been used quite so expressively, surgically and deservedly as they are on Get in the Sea’s twitter feed. The care and intelligence – not to mention a righteous sense of outrage – is there for all to see. And it’s laugh funny. I’m thrilled that Michael Joseph will be publishing Get in the Sea’s first book.”

Get in the Sea has more than 126,000 followers on Twitter and more than 165,000 likes on Facebook.

Get in the Sea: An Apoplectic Guide to Modern Life will be published on 25th February 2016.