Germany's Telekom develops e-reader

<p>One of Europe&rsquo;s biggest telecommunications companies, Deutsche Telekom, is developing a portable e-reader, apparently a competitor for Amazon&rsquo;s Kindle, reports German magazine <em>Der Spiegel</em>. </p><p>The company plans a test run with a few dozen prototypes of electronic newspaper readers in Berlin this autumn, under the project name &quot;News4Me&quot;. Peter M&ouml;ckel, head of Deutsche Telekom&rsquo;s R&amp;D department, says his company sees a market in the gap between mobile phones and laptops.</p><p>One of the engineers involved in the project is quoted as saying that the Kindle generally points in the right direction but Deutsche Telekom will end up developing a device with a larger (and possibly bendable) display. It&rsquo;s also supposed to be easier to operate.</p><p>France Telecom&rsquo;s Orange is currently working on a similar product called &ldquo;Read&amp;Go&rdquo; [FR]. The Kindle is currently neither available in France nor in Germany.</p>