Germany’s Tolino launches self-publishing platform

Germany’s Tolino launches self-publishing platform

Tolino, the digital alliance run by German booksellers, has launched its own self-publishing platform.

Tolino Media was created using software developed by publisher Droemer Knaur for its own self-publishing platform, Neobooks, and is aimed at rivalling Amazon. Authors using the Tolino Media earn 70% royalties of the sale price, compared to 35% if they sold their books via Amazon.

Books published on Tolino are also distributed to the alliance’s bookselling partners, which include more than 1,000 online bookshops.

Thomas Forstpointner, director of Tolino Media, told Publishing Perspectives: “The broad reach of the Tolino ecosystem and our attractive conditions — specifically that authors receive 70% of the sale price — make us an interesting partner for everyone who wants to self-publish their digital books. We also offer successful authors the chance to sell their print books in brick-and-mortar stores”.

Tolino also has its own e-reader, the Tolino Vision, which last year overtook sales of Amazon’s Kindle in the German market.

According to figures published by market-research company GfK, in the third quarter of 2014 Tolino accounted for 45% of e-book sales (up from 38% in the second quarter), while Amazon’s Kindle Store accounted for only 39% (down from 47%).