Germaine Greer chooses poetry for Candlestick

Germaine Greer chooses poetry for Candlestick

Nottingham independent Candlestick Press is to publish a mini-anthology of bedtime poems chosen by Germaine Greer. 

Ten Bedtime Poems (Volume Two) will be published in July, after editor Jenny Swann brokered the deal through Greer.

The renowned feminist author and academic personally selected the poems for the anthology and has written an introduction for the book.
The poems are all connected to a sleep (or lack of it). Greer writes in the introduction: “Dreaming is solitary but beds are also meeting-places. Bed is where we make most – and the most – of our love, and where we are most vividly aware of love lost.” 

The poems include John Donne’s "To His Mistress Going To Bed" and "A Nocturnal Reverie" by Anne Finch.  There is also an excerpt from Lord Byron's "Don Juan"  and W H Auden's poem "Lullaby". Swann said: “In the short space of this pamphlet, the impact of her chosen poems is profound and exhilarating.”

The collection will be published in July with an r.r.p of £4.95, distributed by Central Books, with supply from Bertrams and Gardners. 

Greer is Emeritus Professor of English Literature and Comparative Studies at the University of Warwick. She has had a distinguished career as an academic, theorist and journalist and is author of a number of ground-breaking and controversial books.

The first Ten Bedtime Poems edition was published last year and selected by William Boyd.