Gender Agenda to JKP

Gender Agenda to JKP

Jessica Kingsley Publishers has signed The Gender Agenda, a first-hand account of how boys and girls are treated differently, written by two parents.

The publisher holds world rights to the title which was adapted from a series of tweets and blogs from couple Ros Ball and James Millar.

The book chronicles the growing discomfort and occasional outrage of the couple as they raise their son and daughter, while trying to "sidestep the unwritten gender rules that society imposes from birth".

Tweeting as @GenderDiary, the couple share everyday examples of gendering, not only on their children, but on their parenting methods too. From gendered clothes, toys and books, to the reactions of friends and family to their children’s "gender typical behaviour", this diary shows how society’s constant policing of gender impacts on how children are raised and how they construct their own identities.

Senior commissioning editor Andrew James said: “Ros and James’ insightful and witty account opened my eyes to how pervasive gender stereotyping is within society and how so many of us – even with the best intentions – unconsciously support these stereotypes on a daily basis. If we are to expose inequalities and celebrate gender diversity, we need to hear narratives like this to provoke wider discussion.”