GBS judge sets a September deadline for agreement

GBS judge sets a September deadline for agreement

Google, authors and publishers have been given a 15th September deadline to come up with a legal plan for the Google Settlement. The deal, for a revised book-scanning agreement for out of print titles and copyright works, has been in dispute for six years.

At a hearing yesterday (18th July), judge Denny Chin said if the dispute was not resolved by the September date, he would set a tight schedule for the parties to come to trial.

Reuters reports Denny said: "I'm a little bit concerned. This is a six-year-old case. One thought is to put you on a schedule, give you a deadline."

Chin rejected the settlement in March, citing antitrust and copyright concerns. The rejected settlement would have resolved a lawsuit by the Authors Guild and Association of American Publishers and allowed Google access to sell millions of unavailable works.

One of Chin's recommendations is the settlement must only include books where the copyright owners have agreed to the arrangement on an "opt-in" basis rather than "opt-out".